Saarde defence-day

NGO Estonian Women Hunters took part in Saarde defence-day that was held in Lauri quarry on May 28. In collaboration with Pärnumaa hunters’ societies, hunting was introduced to the gentler sex and also an exhibition of hunting trophies was held. During the day, our women took actively part in the following shooting competitions: Automatic AK-4
It is the season of conventions and Women Hunters are also called to help and to participate in provincial conventions. We have already visited Harjumaa and also Saaremaa hunters’ conventions. We were asked to help out at Pärnumaa’s hunters’ convention – to help organize competitions and to evaluate them. NGO Estonian Women Hunters at Pärnumaa

North-Livonian festival

On July 4, in Häädemeeste, took place the 11th North-Livonian festival, which was this time dedicated to hunting, being called “Hunting-special.” The event was awaited, and was visited by 2000 people. The event introduced hunting in general and helped to make hunting traditions more known and appreciated. The annual festival, held on the banks of
Estonian Women Hunters NGO visited the international Sportsmen’s Fair, which has been organized in Finland in Riihimäki Urheilupuisto since 1972. The educational trip began early Saturday morning when we reached the ferry that was departing at 7:30 am. A bus was waiting us at the port which drove all the hobbyists to the fair. The
It was a lovely weekend when all the huntsmen decided to gather in Võrumaa to compete in slightly more difficult and exciting “huntsmen competitions.” Of course what was not missing was a decent fair and a mighty party. Weather also decided to play a joke on us and allowed the sun to come out from