Saarde defence-day

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NGO Estonian Women Hunters took part in Saarde defence-day that was held in Lauri quarry on May 28. In collaboration with Pärnumaa hunters’ societies, hunting was introduced to the gentler sex and also an exhibition of hunting trophies was held. During the day, our women took actively part in the following shooting competitions:
Automatic AK-4
Handguns (revolvers)
Smoothbore gun
Shooting standing silhouettes with rifles
There was also an exhibition of Estonian Defence League’s armament and gear. Pärnu police department and Police and Border guard college representatives encouraged people to ask more about the daily business of policemen. West-Estonian rescue centre, Saarde volunteer firemen and Kilingi-Nõmme ambulance demonstrated their gear and Estonian Tax and Customs board introduced their work as well.
At lunch, the Defence League offered everyone a tasty soup. The warm and sunny day brought forth a lot of people whose interest in different activities did not wane even in the second half of the day.

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