Riihimäki – The International Sportsmen’s Fair

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Estonian Women Hunters NGO visited the international Sportsmen’s Fair, which has been organized in Finland in Riihimäki Urheilupuisto since 1972. The educational trip began early Saturday morning when we reached the ferry that was departing at 7:30 am. A bus was waiting us at the port which drove all the hobbyists to the fair.

The day was full of excitement and exploring around. The selection of hunting gear was very rich and at times it was difficult to move through the massive crowds and try on anything agreeable. A marvellous and species-rich trophy gallery made every visitor stop and gasp out of sheer amazement. On every step, caterers and tradesmen offered mouth-watering delicacies, ranging from reindeer meat to canned horse-meat.

The most memorable and exciting thing was meeting the Spanish and Polish hunters who were represented at the fair with Global Trophy Logistics. Exhibited in their cubicle were taxidermy specimens of giraffe, zebra, warthog and bear which were huge shownumbers. Meeting them led to conversations about hunting, hunting animals in different countries (Spain, for example, doesn’t have elk or beaver), joint-hunts and also about women hunters and their doings in both countries. We exchanged contacts and got to know that both Spain and Poland have active women hunters to get in contact with. From the Spanish team we also got the “Young Women Hunters’ Association” contact information and for today we have already communicated with them and introduced our doings and opportunities for cooperation.

The day ended with travelling back to Tallinn in great company and the conversations about the fair lasted for the entire ride.

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