Non-profit organization Estonian Women Hunters was created in January 2014. This gave the legal form and basis for the women hunters movement and activities. The aim of the association is hunting and everything associated with it, including the preservation of the nature and environmentally friendly way of thinking and as well as raising the level of skills and awareness through various trainings, information days and events.
There are 340 women hunters in Estonia (data from September 2015), and just over 17 000 hunters. Among women a certain group has developed, which grows year by year, of women who are always participating in hunting or hunting events and always ask after the event when the next event will be.
There are active women from all over Estonia with different age and experience groups.


– In April 2009 Saaremaa hunters came to Rakvere, where the Estonian Hunters’ Society commissioners meeting was held. During the evening there was a discussion in a smaller group, that recently more and more women are starting to participate in the training course to become young hunters and that they should be recognized somehow. Chairman of the Muhu Hunters society Mr. Heinart Laaneväli had an idea that they should organize a proper hunt for women, but it just stayed as an idea.
– In the spring of 2010 the topic was brought up again by Laimjala Hunters society member Mr. Vilmar Rei, who found that it is the time now to do the hunt for women!
Later, it has been discussed hundreds of times, to whom the historical right of the event remains – to Muhu or to Laimjala. In summary, one can say that the idea kicked off from Heinart Laaneväli and the implementation came from Laimjala.

– 2010, history was made. The first so-called women’s hunting event took place. Just as originally envisioned in your mind mostly women standing against in the bout, in the dash (i.e. in the forest), men and dogs. The hunting was held in both places in Muhu and in Laimjala. Head hunters and the leaders of the event were women, from Muhu Ms. Hegne Lump, and from Laimjala Ms. Merit Kindsigo.

– Now the women’s hunting event has become a common practice and a nice tradition. So far, the event has taken place in Saaremaal, Muhus, Hiiumaal, Põlvamaal, Läänemaal and Põltsamaal.

– In January 2014 Non-profit organization Estonian Women Hunters was created including three members of the Board: Ms. Hegne Lump, Ms. Maria Põhako and Ms. Külliki Kiiver.

– In 2016 the board of non-profit organization Estonian Women Hunters increased in number. Today there are 4 board members: Ms. Maria Põhako, Ms. Külliki Kiiver, Ms. Juulia Jürgens and Ms. Tene Mäerand