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A woman in nature is a giver, nurturer, protector. In essence she is the bringer of life. A healthy woman never takes nature for granted, and at the same time she does not forget that life itself, with its organic and inorganic phenomena is everlasting – only if you give and take enough for survival. A woman in nature is a mother; the nature inside a woman is sacred.

One woman in the middle of nature, discovering her ancient roots, feeling the forces of nature around her and finding this immense instinctive force inside herself which has been passed on to us through generations and been crushed between the wheels of civilization, can be one of the most beautiful views that any of us can witness in life. Even more beautiful is to be a part of it. A moment of silence and unlimited peace in the middle of a forest, the deep clarity of fog in an early-morning bog, raindrops falling in joy on rooftops, lakes, on lush lilacs in springtime… the warm tender touch of sunrays caressing the good, sincere hearts. In the middle of the wildest thirst for life and never-ending battle for one’s existence, each and every moment is beautiful. The force that unites us with nature is primal and therefore unbreakable, forgettable but still there…always existing.

To acknowledge our full strength and will to live we have to face hardships. To see true beauty, we have to look outside ourselves and then search for ourselves inside the beauty of the world and give nature the chance to love itself, for then we can reach self-love which can guide us to the biggest love of all – love for nature, love for life itself.
“But why does a person has to, offhand, reach a higher enlightenment?”*

“After thousands, millions of years, someone had to realize that his wonderful earth with its mountains, sea, sun, moon, the milky way, fogs, plants and animals, does exist.”*
After all those thousands of years of losing oneself under the pressure of thought, man had to look outside himself to see the real world and to find Mother nature, love for a woman, love for life. The ancient heartbeat, thirst for life filling our veins, the bliss of fresh air, the simple wish to be one with nature.

“A woman recognizes in herself a Wild woman through revelation, for example being a part of great beauty.”** Inspiration from nature. Finding beauty at first around you and in the end, inside yourself. The force that comes from a thousand-year-old bond with nature is a force that makes a woman strong, full of life and gives a bit of life’s knowledge to go on the road. “A woman can never hide the Wild woman in herself – the bond with the wild shines through her.”** Often you can see this in a woman’s natural gait, in her courage to be free in her body, in her ardent trip to the woods and pastures. This can be seen in a woman who has the courage to dress herself up in her natural abundance and when she is wearing hide that has been caught and tanned by herself, knowing that in feminine riches hides our treasure, the continuation of life…

*C.G Jung “Four Archetypes”
**C.P Estes “Women who Run with the Wolves”

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